Kristen Mitchell

Director / Owner / Licensed Instructor / Licensed Broker

Master Of Education / Master Of Business Administration

Not only is Kristen a Licensed Real Estate Instructor & Broker, but also is a Licensed Educator with a decade of classroom experience, as well as, experience in accounting, finance, and marketing. Kristen holds a Master of Education & a Master of Business Administration degree. “Real Estate has changed my life and being able to change the lives of others begins at the education level. I am proud that we are able to offer the highest level of education in conjunction with real-world experience to change real estate forever.”



Erik Hoelzeman

Managing Broker / Owner / Licensed Instructor

Erik is the ultimate definition of a “wealth of knowledge” spanning from real estate, construction, general contracting, investment property, property management, tax sales, foreclosures, brokerage management, lending, and so much more. Erik opened Listing Leaders Northwest & Listing Leaders Illinois with Gina Ziobro with a dream of truly changing real estate forever. Erik is licensed in Illinois & Indiana, and is the Managing Broker of Listing Leaders Northwest & a Licensed Instructor.


Most real estate schools throughout the United States and Northwest Indiana not only teach straight from the book and only prepare you for the state exam, they are taught by real estate brokers that have no background in education or knowledge of “how” to teach for deeper understanding. At Listing Leaders Northwest School of Real Estate, we have created a curriculum based on research-based educational techniques and methods to reach all learning styles and create a deeper meaning in order master content and apply new knowledge to real-world situations. Not only do we use a more hands-on approach, but we also encourage critical thinking, problem-solving techniques, collaboration with real estate professionals, effective communication, and self- directed learning.

We prepare you to take your state exam, teach you how to deconstruct problems for success, and help you obtain your Indiana license. In addition, we give you the knowledge to be successful in the real-world as a Real Estate Broker.

Listing Leaders, Northwest School of Real Estate is not your average real estate educator. We are changing real estate forever, starting with education and knowledge.